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Our Story

From high school drop-out to single mom, finding my way in business and managing everything has not been a walk in the pretty little park; unless you are referring to a park with burning trees and an intense obstacle course! (kidding…sort of)

Hey, I am Elizabeth Faye and I love coaching hairstylist and creative service providers to make their dreams a freaking reality. I have a no BS approach to coaching and believe you are truly your own super power.

I am a hairstylist by trade, salon owner, coach and Founder of Hair Love (a badass media + event company). Oh yeah…and a human being with needs, and a mother, friend, daughter, lover etc!!!! I know how it feels to feel like you are drowning, to feel like you are a hamster spinning your wheels trying to make your dreams a reality, to be afraid of bigger things, and to need some damn guidance! Babe, I get it.


I am living proof you can have it all, even if you weren’t born with a golden spoon in your mouth. The dream job, dream team, dream relationship…you just have to be willing to work really hard, to sacrifice, learn how to prioritize, consume education, get your mind right, get a support system, and FINALLY realize and be okay with the fact that nothing will ever be perfect…but it can be wonderful!

These are the pieces of the puzzle that I didn’t know I needed:

  • I was willing to work harder than anyone else but lacked the knowledge of how to leverage my strengths best and to work smarter not harder.

  • Then I started getting my education on (and never stopped) because it opened my mind to possibilities I didn’t even know existed but I lacked the support team.

  • I was fighting to prove myself to negative characters in my life.

  • Then I got smart and strategic about where I placed my energy and thoughts.

Then my life changed forever.


In 2015 I launched my education company on a horribly NOT so cute website I created myself, it funneled sales through five different links before they finally got to purchase the damn ticket. Any marketing strategist in the world, would of told me I was doomed for failure and no one would click that many damn times to buy a ticket. But lucky for me, I didn’t know any marketing strategists at the time and I was a girl on a mission to spread my knowledge.

What I learned here is that I had been creating an authentic brand and organic audience of my right target market…and I was serving them exactly what they needed. Hence, they were willing to jump through a few hoops, five to be exact, to purchase what they needed. It took years for me to realize, this is the key to selling something. I was just too busy doing what I love and working my ass off to notice what I was doing right.

I sold over a million dollars on that horrible website; it was a horrible site but I sold access to golden education that was awesome! I taught thousands of stylist my techniques as a hairstylist, my message of building a brand that is authentic (how to actually do it), and the importance of selling what you love shamelessly because it’s the only way TO HELP OTHERS. You are doing a disservice to the world by not working your dream job. Our systems worked and it was changing stylists’ lives.


Thankfully, throughout the years I have been able to have prettier websites (yay!), but the lesson here is….

  1. Learning how to be badass at your craft is cool. Learning how to market and brand what you love to do is sexy as hell…and will change your life.

  2. If you can’t get your mind right, you simply cannot have it all. Having it all starts with your mind. Happiness, abundance and money starts with your mind, babe.

It was simple…if I wanted the things I was looking at to change…DUH…I had to change the way I was looking at those things.


I have spent tens of thousands since 2009 on business coaches, social media coaches, mentors, therapists, life coaches and education. Countless sleepless nights learning, working, and sometimes ultimately failing. But these coaches and failures have literally changed and shaped my life.

It took a coach making me realize how to really grow my business…and it was all mindset! I remember reading a quote that said,

“STOP saving your money for a rainy day and start spending it on things that make you money.”

A wave of horror, excitement, terror, and motivation came over me.

It took one of my coaches (who you will meet in WIB) to shake me at a pivotal point in my life to really get things moving.

(Pivotal meaning: my entire marriage and family unit being unraveled btw)

"Elizabeth Faye, until you let go of your bullshit story and stop clinging to fear you will never have MORE. You will never be MORE.”

That means, more LOVE, more SUCCESS, more HAPPINESS and even MONEY. “

How could I receive, give or grow if my arms were clung shut desperately holding on to whatever happiness, love or success I thought I had?


As soon as I made the choice to start truly functioning in an ABUNDANCE mind frame and stop focusing on my fears it was like magic (the kind of magic that is hard work). I was able to pay for a home and provide for my son as a single mom, I was able to use my skills to get MORE clients in the chair, I was able to attract PEACE & the people I needed in my life, I was able to fall in love again. IT WORKED OUT, better than I could have imagined.

Fast forward to today, I have continued to function in this mindset. The resources, the love, the people, the time, and the peace of mind don’t always feel available but when you change the way you think the things you think about radically change. I take myself to the mental and spiritual gym daily and equally as important, I only surround myself with people who bring light into my life. A SUPPORT team is your life line when it comes to GROWTH, my friends!! 

We created WIB because it combines the most crucial parts of the success circle.

Community. Mindset. Business…and Craft.

The reason community coaching is life changing is because there is a super power in a community filled with likeminded and positive babes. Imagine having access to their encouragement, knowledge, and friendship 24/7 in the palm of your hand. Not to mention the entire program filled with education and our entire office team serving you webinars and answering your questions.

If you are ready to positively change the way you function in your business and life, WIB is exactly what you are looking for.

Take the leap , invest in YOU. You deserve all the JOY and SUCCESS the world has to offer. 



Dear Dreamer,

I know raising a business, babies, chasing dreams, self care, and everything else going on can be soooo hard. I know at times it feels so overwhelming and you feel completely alone. I understand how scary making a change or big investment is. Trust me girl, I have felt what you are feeling, I have ugly cried the tears you are crying and I have pushed myself even when I thought I couldn’t. If you are reading this, have peace in knowing you are not alone, you are doing really well, and you are deserving of all the things you aspire to be and do. You were made to be awesome.

Investing in people who invest in you, great education, love and support can open your mind to success, happiness and peace you didn’t know you could have. You CAN have your cake and eat it too, btw! I am not saying it will ever be easy or a walk in the park. I am saying that it is possible and having the correct mindset, support and empowerment will make doing hard things easier. You will feel and be braver. You will expand. When you are ready to do the hard work we will be here with loving arms.

-xoxo Coach Faye


Meet the Amazing Team

about ef.jpg

Elizabeth Faye, Your Coach + Creator of the Program

From high school drop out to single mom all the while getting her Master’s In Girlbossery with an emphasis in spreading light, Elizabeth Faye has been been passionately educating stylist since 2012 and loves helping women kick ass!

Wearing quite a few hats such as; Mom, Hairstylist, Salon owner, Coach and the Visionary behind the Hair Love Brand (an education media + event company for hairstylist and creative entrepreneurs)…Elizabeth knows the importance of getting your mind right and chasing dreams. She also knows that you are capable and worthy of everything you feel called to do.

“Coaches changed my life, books change my life, education changes my life daily…most of all, the people I surround myself with change my life. I wanted to create a safe community with incredible education where dreamers were safe to dream to their full potential and had the tools, love and support to do so!”

-Elizabeth Faye

about derek.jpg

Derek, Video+ Media Mastermind

Derek is another one of our Corporate drop out’s, he comes from a background in tech Media. With a degree in graphic and web design Derek found himself also very passionate about videography. He spent the last 10 years managing and creating an educational Youtube platform for a tech company. From the scripting, filming, editing, design and talent…he was a one man phenomenon. Derek now manages our Media Education. He creates visuals and video that teach our tribe in the best way possible! He loves empowering fellow small business owners and is dedicated to helping you grow!

In Derek’s spare time you can find him traveling, being a Dad, gardening and raising bees. (Yes, he enjoys harvesting honey for fun!) He also has a passion for woodworking and can build anything! He builds & creates lots of our Hair Love sets and behind the scene magic.

about mazie.jpg

Mazie L, Director of Awesome

With a background and degree is communication and marketing, Mazie left a great job of leading big events for a university to go to hair school. She found a love for making women feel beautiful and for the beauty industry. Although Mazie is stationed in front of a desk these days she still manages to get her hands in hair and found a deep love for hairstylists and women in small business.

Mazie is the lead Director of all of our amazing events. She is also the woman making the wheels turn behind the scenes.

Mazie is one of the most postive humans you will ever meet! She loves self help books, education and organization. She also loves dinosaurs, pizza and Disneyland…yes we know (she might be 5 years old). You can catch Mazie in her free time hiking in Zion, reading and traveling. She is a ball of fiery girl boss energy and she loves helping our tribe thrive!

about puppy.jpg

Gilly, WIB Mascot

Gilly is a poodle who specializes in good office morale. He can be found roaming the office or salon…and even making appearances in of our webinars. Gilly loves to cuddle, cuddle, and cuddle. He is a great listener but a terrible coach. You can find Gilly in his spare time on Elizabeth’s IG Stories. Everyone needs a Gilly.

about emily.jpg

Emily Fisher, Marketing Director

Emily is the Corporate drop out babe in our office and she loves nothing more than good music, great sushi, and organization. Emily comes from an amazing background in tech marketing where where she spent her days working on social media strategies, facebook marketing, influencer marketing and business strategy. Emily loves coming up with creative concepts and is an amazing writer.

She helps curate, teach and write lots of the education for WIB and makes sure our tribe has all of the latest social media updates you need to know. You may find her in the FB group helping our community, answering questions, or silently behind the scenes making great education for our tribe.

She is a laptop rockstar and on her free time you can find her relaxing with her cats, being a political activist, jamming with her boyfriend, or drinking boxed wine!