What yo mama didn’t teach you about money

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Let’s talk about the 10 Commandments of Money. The funny thing about money, that my mama definitely didn’t teach me is money is more about what is in your mind that what is in your wallet. I know what you are thinking…what the hell! How is this even possible!? Let’s dive Deeper.

This is a topic in WIB we dedicate some serious time to. We know before we dive into tracking numbers, pricing concepts and growing your business all of this in the root of the issue. Basically it’s awesome and can be some hard mental, internal and emotional work but worth the process.

  • Your relationship with money is directing related to your relationship with EVERYTHING. Including yourself. You treat money with respect and kindness…odds are you will treat yourself with respect and kindness.

  • Respect and trust money. Like any good relationship the two elements of the secret sauce to a happy relationship are trust and respect. Do you trust that money is there for you? Do you trust that money will be there when you most need it? Do you feel like money has your back, girl?

  • Ways to show proper respect to money can be placing bills nicely in stacks in your wallet. Speaking nicely of things you are buying and no longer use terms like “I have to…” instead say “I get to…” PAY MY BILLS!

  • Celebrate the flow of money. Instead of treating payments, bills and business over head like a burden…celebrate that you are in business. Make I AM statements such as I AM thrilled to be in business, I AM grateful I have clients, I AM excited I need to buy this in order to make my dreams happen!

  • Abundance. Money is in motion and there is a flowing circle of it constantly. Don’t treat incoming and outgoing money like “incoming” and “outgoing” money. Instead replace that verb-age with flow. Money is neither coming or going it is in stead in a constant state of movement surrounding you and for you.

  • Speaking of money surrounding you. Let’s get literal. Place money is different places that do physically surround you. Ideas of this could be, your junk drawer, your desk drawer, you car compartments, change in your car or maybe tucked away under some bras. It will subconsciously make you feel safe and trust that money is PHYSICALLY and LITERALLY …EVERY WHERE.

  • Your Money Story. Did you know that how you act, feel and treat money is directly related to how you were raised and how during your crucial imprinting years of your life the community around you felt and trusted money. It goes back far babe. It’s not your fault how you were raised but it is your responsibility to take responsibility to build a loving relationship with money as an adult.

  • Questions you can ask yourself that may help you uncover your money story. When you think of money what are adjectives that describe how you feel? What is an outstanding truth you know about money? Is that truth, true? Are you positive it is true?

  • The bigger question. Who would you be if that statement wasn’t true? How do you want to feel towards money?

  • Lastly write a note to money telling it how grateful you are for it’s presence and list all of the times money has been there for you.

Melanie Lea