Gratitude will Change your reality

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The first month of Workshop In A Box has been a MAGICAL experience filled with inspiration from world-class business and life coaches. Before you can start killing it behind the chair, it's important to get your mind in the right frame for success. That is why almost the entire first month of Workshop In A Box is all about re-programing our brains to see opportunity, abundance, light, and positivity - EVEN when things are not perfect. 

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One of the principles we touch on in a specific video is the power of gratitude. This list from a Huffington Post article shows many of the benefits of having a mindset based in gratitude.

  • Improved physical, emotional, and social well-being

  • Greater optimism and happiness

  • Improved feelings of connection in times of loss or crises

  • Increased self-esteem

  • Heightened energy levels

  • Strengthened heart, immune system, and decreased blood pressure

  • Improved emotional and academic intelligence

  • Expanded capacity for forgiveness

  • Decreased stress, anxiety, depression, and headaches

  • Improved self-care and greater likelihood to exercise

  • Heightened spirituality — ability to see something bigger than ourselves

From personal experience, I KNOW how powerful changing your mindset can be. That is why I'm challenging all the current stylists in Workshop In A Box and everyone reading this post to take part in the #iamgrateful challenge with me for the next 30 days!

The challenge has a month-long challenge, supplemented with weekly challenges listed below:

The Monthly Challenge: Gratitude Journals

  1. Find a simple journal or notebook (you can even use the notes app in your phone, but it’s better if you can physically write this down).

  2. Today through September 6th, pay attention to the things, events and people you are grateful for. Every day, write down at least one thing you noticed and are grateful for.

  3. See how having a grateful mindset and physically writing down these things improves your life!

  4. Share! Throughout the month use #iamgrateful to share your stories and breakthroughs on social media.

Week One Challenge: Client Gratitude

For week one of the #iamgrateful challenge, I challenge you to tell EACH CLIENT that sits in your chair something about them you are grateful for and see how it changes the appointment and your work day!

  1. Make it sincere! It could be anything from, “I’m so grateful I have you as a client, you are so inspiring!” to “You have such great style, I’m lucky to have you sitting in my chair.”

  2. Pay attention to how radiating your grateful mindset changes the interaction with your client and improves your day!

  3. Throughout the week, share how this challenge is influencing your business with the group and on your social media using #iamgrateful.

  4. I can’t wait to hear all of the awesome stories you’re sure to have during this challenge!

Week Two Challenge: Grateful Shout-out

Week two of the #iamgrateful challenge is ALL about expressing gratitude to a specific person in your life! This can be a partner, a coworker, a family member, whoever. Who in your life are you grateful for, and who needs to hear some kind words? This week is an excellent opportunity to spread the love & good vibes!

  1. Choose someone in your life who deserves a heartfelt expression of gratitude from you.

  2. Write a note listing the reasons you are grateful for them.

  3. Either tag them with your message publicly on social media or if you're more comfortable sharing it privately, then do that. 

  4. If you want to share with the group, screenshot your gratitude post and add it to this Facebook post!

I'm so excited to see all the love that is spread around this week!

Melanie Lea