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Committing to an entire coaching program like Workshop In A Box is a big deal and maybe it doesn’t feel like your time yet! It is a big commitment. I get it.


We definitely don’t want you waiting six months to start changing your life and business!!

WE KNOW THE value of the coaching program lies in SOO many aspects. From the incredible courses, to live webinars, guest coaches and the community. Take action NOW until you’re ready for Workshop In A Box. Here are some smaller programs that can help you get going.

This offer is only good for 72 Hours and TRUST ME BABE, they are amazing!

So choose the one that speaks to you.

We want to help you make those dreams a reality!


How do you want to improve?

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instagram boss babe school

Online workshop!

Are you working on building your empire?

Let’s get those feet wet…it’s time to DIVE all in.

This Instagram course WAS MADE FOR YOU! Are you ready to know what other businesses and stylists are doing that works?

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hair painting like never before!

Online workshop!

Do you love painting as much as we do?

It’s time to teach you all of our painting ways.

A big part of the magic of our systems is our patterns. Today we are offering up our most sought after techniques.

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