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Doors are closing soon!

How your tuition works:

  1. Tuition ($299) comes out every month on the first for 12 months.

  2. When you enroll today, you will pay for your first month of the program (May)

  3. Your next tuition payment will come out on June 1st

  4. Payment will come out automatically every month until the program ends!

What you get (hint: you get a LOT)

  • Access to Workshop In A Box amazingness

  • Regular live webinars than you can replay whenever!

  • Group coaching sessions and hot seats in every webinar

  • 12 AMAZING months of tutorials, videos, and downloadable workbooks

  • Access to a community of supportive & friendly boss babes

  • A private Facebook group for you and your classmates

  • SUPER cute boxes mailed to you every season!


Are you ready babe!?