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Taking your business to the next level just got wayyyyyyy SEXIER.

Paint like a Queen, build a brand you freaking LOVE or manifest cool shit into your life.

Not ready to hire a coach but you want the education and love…we got you covered. Our in depth mini online mini coaching workshops are life changing, action packed and all of our best content in one place. Cherry pick through our library of awesomeness, enroll and get your boss bae yoga pants on!

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Learn how to work and master the art of paint brush painting and working with clay lighteners. Understand our Natural Coloring Method systems and why we love working with patterns. This is one of our most popular looks we teach and this pattern we call the ROAD MAP PATTERN. It is a salon favorite for sure!

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Taking your painting skills to the dark side! Here we show you every step and thought behind the way we lowlight with hair painting. This can be messy business and we show you how we keep it simple and clean. We also demonstrate hair painting with gray hair and working around a base application to hide the grays.

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This one is STAR of all our patterns and techniques, THE MONEY PATTERN. Great for all types of hair, textures and end results. This pattern can be used to go as blonde as possible, low light and great for color corrections. This is our foilyage game changer. We use this technique for maximum results.

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Let’s talk meltyyy melting. You know the dreaded…”I want to go dark for fall” comment? No longer will you fear it! We show you how we great a seamless transition that won’t have you kicking yourself (or your client) in spring when she is ready to go blonde again. Using a combo of our techniques this baby is a game changer.

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It’s no secret that we like to help other babes build their brands but what we haven’t told you is that the way we do it…is a bit different then you may have learned in the past. Let us coach you through how we go about building a modern brand that can last the test of time, change and evolution you are sure to go through in your career. We start with JOY, ready to build something magical?

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Ready to learn real tactics that convert to sales? If you are looking to be Insta- Famous or get 10k followers over night…this course isn’t for you. If you are looking to use Instagram to make money doing what you LOVE…come right over!! I am going to walk you through the marketing strategies we use and other successful businesses are using to make sales, attract new clients and grow their dream business. Plus we have an entire photography and editing course to help you curate amazing content. We include all of our custom presets as well.

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Ready to manifest cool shit into your REAL life? Hell yes, you are! I know what you are thinking…”how can this even be real?!”

Well let me teach you. You manifest your reality every single day…you just might not know it. You can literally create joy, money, relationships and experiences by changing the way you think and behave. Let us walk you through the steps we use to do it. It is powerful, empowering and exciting. The rest of your life is waiting for you.


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