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A global network of educators dedicated to raising the bar of independent educaiton.


You are invited to become a certified Hair Love Artist,

Independent education is such an important role in our industry and we are here to nurture the educators and raise the bar of the type of experiences artist and educators are having.

I have been doing the independent education game strong for 5 years and learned a lot of things the hard way. Support and network and badly needed. I am pouring my years of experience, my friends experiences, industry expertise, marketing expertise and community into one portal. No longer do independent educators have to feel alone in their entrepreneur journey. You can build an empire with the help of friends.

This is an opportunity to gain coaching, guidance, structure, support through building your dream education company. You will be a certified artist which means HAIR LOVE stands by you and puts our stamp of HELL YES WE APPROVE on your biz. This includes online marketing and visual support so our community can find you.

This is a commitment. This is not a program. This is a brand partnership. We take this relationship seriously and do not intend on going into partnership with artist we don’t believe in and see a future with.

Learn more about What is takes and makes to be a Hair Love Artist. If you are reading this…then we already think you are an incredible fit but we want to make sure you are all on board.

What and Who is a Hair Love Artist?

Hair Love Artist Agreement

We are so excited to welcome you into the Hair Love Artist Team! This program is all about collaboration and helping you reach and exceed your individual goals as an educator and expand your reach and influence. 

We’re honored to have you in our tribe and truly believe that we are stronger together. As a Hair Love Artist, you are committed to spreading your knowledge and empowering the industry. 

We are here providing YOU and your BRAND with community, support, education, collaboration perks, marketing benefits, resources and the support to create the brand of your dreams. 

By being a part of the Artist Program, not only do you have an organized network of badass artists and the support of Hair Love to help you grow your own business, but you also have the opportunity to improve and uplift the industry as a whole!

Our Mission

Our mission is to spread love and light like confetti! 

We believe that the magic starts with the people and as educators you know that.  

We KNOW that collaboration, community, and support is more powerful than competition. If you’ve been a part of what we do...YOU KNOW that. 

As an independent educator there are a lot of things left to be figured out as you go and finding a support group is far from easy. The best of the best will be affiliated with being Hair Love Artist and it is a way to be a part of a team of educators and still maintain your independence fully. We do not manage, run, or create your business. We are here to nurture, promote and better your business. 

Our Goals

To gather the best, kindest and most loving educators in the industry. To raise the bar for independent education. We will train them well, give them access to resources, access to the brands we love, provide community and a gathering place online for ideas, collect assets that help grow your business, provide guidance and marketing assistance. Basically help you grow your dream BIZ!!! Ready to take shit to the next level? We are. Join us! 


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what does it take to be a hair love artist?

what kind of training do hair love artist receive?



Once you are invited you will go through an application

process that will be reviewed and approved!

This may include a call if needed.



You will sign an agreement that we are entering into an

educational and promotional partnership together.

This will include having your site up (this does not have to be done before approval but it is one of the first things you will need to do) and a listing on our site about you!



We will release monthly challenges that can help your marketing and cross promotion.

A big part of growing your reach will be by tapping into the community.

You must embody the collaboration mentality to its fullest. Sharing is caring around here!



Well you know how we feel about community!

Access to an insanely amazing growing private ADVANCED community. This is LIFE CHANGING.

Full of hustlers, dreamers and artist. With this many likeminded boss babes you are destined for greatness!

This will be a great way to utilize influencer marketing and cross promotion to help each other.



Every month we will rotate coaching calls. Every other month we will open up HOT SEAT calls.

On the OFF month we will have a business call on a topic by either Cassandra, Danny or Elizabeth Faye.

There may even be times you are hired to do a coaching call.



You will be officially able to say you are a HAIR LOVE ARTIST and be given access to logos to put on your manuals, websites etc…

You will be featured and highlighted on our platforms so our community can find your education.

You will be given opportunities to collaborate and promote yourself through the network.



You will be given access to our entire marketing, business and life coaching portal in WIB. This will be of use to you as you are marketing.

ACCESS to an advanced community portal on the APP that makes your life so much easier and everything you need in the palm of your hand!



We are going to make all coaching calls into private audio files!

This will make learning even more convenient with your busy life.

It’s like private coaching in a private podcast. You can listen at the gym, driving or while in the bath! BOOM!

Monthly inspiring graphics and screensavers you can use to post or put on your phone as a reminder that you are killing it!



You will be able to hire Danny, Cassandra or myself for private coaching calls. We do not offer this outside of this program.

You will also be able to hire the team to review and audit things.

If you want to teach Elizabeth Faye’s curriculum you will have opportunities to partner and teach our classes. You will enter into a separate agreement but have ACCESS to this exclusive opportunity.

You will have ACCESS to private masterminds for business.

You will have exclusive opportunities.

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Boss babe library!

monthly updates, guidance and continued support

don’t forget this badass part!

members get full access to wib and all new updates! yes you heard that right!

all new freaking updates are yours to use to grow your biz + better your life!

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A lil FAQ:


You get special FOUNDER PRICING! 149$ monthly subscription + you get me being your coach, our team and EVERYTHING included! This is a month to month plan. You are being grandfathered in a special one time only price. You can cancel at anytime. When you do cancel tho your membership will be immediately revoked and you will be removed from the group and all educational portions of the program.


No, sharing content is strictly prohibited. You’re investing a lot of time and money and we are committing our coaching efforts to you. Distribution of this protected product without permission will be backed with legal action.


I am your coach for as long as you want ACCESS. I do not take private clients I put all of my effort into this exclusive group of entrephenuers. So for as long as you want me to be your business coach I am over the moon and grateful to serve you and work to help make your dreams a reality! This program is catered to your needs!


Yes, you will need internet access and a Facebook account. Besides that, you will be given a private account to our education portal and private FB community group + private APP! But truly, you can learn in your yoga pants!

What sort of updates will be made to WIB!?

So glad you asked! So we will forever continue to add and enhance the education in WIB. All the way from color to business and life coaching. We currently have a running list of incredible ideas that will probably takes us years to get finished and I am certain our list will grow as YOUR needs change and evolve! We have so much to share and so this bonus is MASSIVE and such an incredible asset. So much of learning is done in repetition and going back to modules when you need them.

You mentioned a huge discount on other e-courses! Tell me more.

So we will be launching the majority of our content through WIB for our coaching groups but there are some topics that are advanced, or just don’t apply that will be a la cart. Some of these topics are extra life coaching, extension training, assistant program training, leadership education etc… These are courses that will be filming and creating throughout the upcoming months + years. We have no set release dates but you will receive 40% off them and lifetime access to those when you purchase them. As long as you are a member of ACCESS. Being a member gets you access to so many great tools.

What happens if I need to take a break from coaching!?

We have the coolest solution!

So we totally understand that life happens and so we created a yearly grace period. You can at any point use a code to take a 1-3 month break throughout the year.

Can I teach your curriculum?

So we totally understand that life happens and so we created a yearly grace period. You can at any point use a code to take a 1-3 month break throughout the year.

What monthly services are provided? What upgrades can I get?

So we totally understand that life happens and so we created a yearly grace period. You can at any point use a code to take a 1-3 month break throughout the year.

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