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now just one more step!

All you have to do is text HEYHAPPYLIFE to 474-747 and you will be all ready to get HAPPY with us! In order to have all the benefits of HHL be sure to put my email info@heyelizabethfaye.com in your contacts so you don’t miss a happy beat!

text HEYHAPPYLIFE to 474-747

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What should I expect?

Expect awesomeness! Every 4-5 weeks we will introduce a new month long challenge. You will get a few newsletters via email with information of why this monthly challenge is going to make your life HAPPIER. Then every week we will send you a Happy Text to keep you going!

Challenges may include smiling more, making your bed, gratitude, moving to music, complimenting others or focusing on your breath. Did you know getting good at something …no matter how small is a great practice for your health, mental well-being and brings dopamine straight to your little happy brain. Did you know when your brain is happy you are better at parenting, better in business, life, love, and even in bed! WHOAAAA

You should expect to have fun, get an awesome sense of confidence from accomplishing little things, meeting new awesome happy humans, maybe uncover a new talent or desire and most of all bring some light in your life + your loved ones life! This program would be a great family friendly activity or amazing for the work place to have your entire team following along…and HECK it’s FREE!!!

what is hhl?

Hey HHL is a FREE year long experience. All year you will overcome fear, accomplish small goals, bring positivity into your life + get really good at things!

Who is HHL for?

You, your mama and your best friends. HHL is literally for anyone who wants to have a Happy Life. I created this FREE resource to help you bring some light into your life!

Thanks for being here + welcome! xo Elizabeth Faye