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Greatness is for those who choose it.

Are you ready to let your greatness take the lead?

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Have you ever felt stumped, alone, or lost in this whole building your empire thing? I understand how you feel - I’ve been there.

Where do I start building a brand?

How do I find my dream clients or salon team?

How am I going to market this amazing idea I have?

It can be so overwhelming.

What if I told you success is not found alone, and there is a team of coaches and community waiting to help you reach your potential?

Or, keep scrolling to learn more about Workshop In A Box!

Enrollment is now closed, but if you want to join next time please join the waitlist below!

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Doors are closed for Workshop In A Box!

But you can still get on the waitlist for next time below!

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THe secret to success is…

realizing that if you don’t sacrifice for what you want in life…what you want most will become the sacrifice.

One of the best pieces of business advice a coach gave me was,

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Holy shit. It literally shattered my whole belief system. At the time I was newly a single mom, a new salon owner, teaching classes, raising a toddler and quite overwhelmed. You could say I felt like a hamster running in a wheel. I was running but I didn’t feel as though I was getting much traction.  

The second I started truly investing emotionally, mentally, and financially on my future, career and living my best life...things started to change! Like BIG FREAKING TIME. I was able to turn my entire career, life and mind around.

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After educating for years, I wanted to impact leaders and entrepreneurs in the hair world in a bigger way.

So, we launched…


are you ready to learn how to run your business like a business.

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is a 12 month online subscription coaching program where you’ll learn:

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Controlling + Aligning your Energy

The Power of I AM exercise

I AM Drawings with Coach Brenda

Define Your Why

Business Babe Box

month 02.png


Find and Define Your Niche

Build Your Brand with Coach Danny

Badass Branding Workbook

Live Webinar + Q&A

month 03.png


Get Your Priorities Aligned with Your Mission

Goal Setting + Progress Tracking

Time Management

Calendaring + Productivity

Online Booking with Schedulicity

Live Webinar + Q&A + Hot Seats

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Learn how to reprogram your Money Mindset

Track your Numbers

Perfect Pricing Method

Pricing Templates, Contracts + Policy Building

Consultation Rehab + Online Booking Streamed

Live Webinar + Q&A + Hot Seat

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Social Media Setup

Make the most out of your content

Hashtags + Hashtag Marketing

Content that Converts + DM Magic

Stories + Highlights

Live Webinar + Q&A + Hot Seat

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Happy Hair Painting Workshop

Smudge + Tone

Tons of Hair Painting Worksheets & Cheat Sheets

Virtual Diagramming with Me

Live Webinar + Q&A + Hot Seats

Happy Hair Painting Box

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Advanced Hair Painting w/ Lowlights Workshop

Hair Painting with Gray/Base Tutorial

Wet Balayage- The Dip Dye Method

Live Webinar + Q&A + Hot Seats

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Facebook Set Up on your Business Page

Curating Content and Content Strategy

Video Marketing + Leveraging Your Strengths

Facebook Ads + How to Change Your Game with Paid Marketing

Live Webinar + Hot Seat

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Why + How to use Email to grow your business

The Best Customer Service Freaking Ever

How to Stand out

Our templates + captions for Easy Email

Automate + Streamline with Scheudlicity

Live Webinar + Q&A + Hot Seats

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Transitioning out of Platinum Part 1 + Part 2

Foil Conversion

Bye bye Blonde Workshop (Taking blondes Dark )

Live Webinar + Q&A + Hot Seats 

Dark Side Box 

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Zipper Foiling Workshop (FOILS HAVE NEVER BEEN SO EASY!)

The Money Pattern Workshop +The Pop Piece Tutorial

 BONUS: Blonding with bangs Tutorial 

Live Webinar + Q&A + Hot Seat

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Now that we have defined your brand identity + marketing strategy

Photography Boot Camp

Editing + Curation

Managing content + collaboration marketing


you will have the option to stay in the program! WIB is the best way to have a life and business coach + community support! All graduates can level up and keep going!


There will also be An option to stay in the coaching program if you don’t ever want to be without this amazing community or content! You will have access to all WIB content as long as you are a paying member!

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Plus these bonuses!

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live webinars that are one of the highlights of the entire program!

one on one group coaching

ask all your questions in the group

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badass Guest coaches

gain a bunch of best friends


bonus 3b.png

bonus worksheets for success

WIB discounts to hair love events

access to events before anyone else

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“Workshop in a Box has really been a game changer for me. I’ve never had a coach before, but I knew I was ready to take my business to the next level - and that’s exactly what WIB has done for me... Make sure you don’t miss out on WIB!”



“Ever since I joined Workshop in a Box it has motivated me to become a better business person in the hair industry and has also boosted up my confidence. Elizabeth Faye has helped me find and know my worth. It has done wonders. I’m so happy that I joined Workshop in a Box.”


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“You guys are changing my life!!! Hair is all I want to do. I am happier and more focused in what i want and where I want to be in the next months. I love this program so far. I can see the changes in me. Thank you all. Thank you Elizabeth Faye you are awesome.”


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“WIB has been a real confidence booster for me! It has changed my way of thinking. Lately it’s been eat, sleep, WIB - and I don’t mind!! Thank you all for all the positivity, continued motivation and constant hair love.”



“I’m currently in Workshop in a Box and have to say it was the best decision I’ve ever made. It’s so much more than I ever thought. Elizabeth and her whole team are so amazing. You will have all questions answered. And having the support of the whole WIB community is a really amazing concept. If you’re on the fence about the investment it is so worth it. Go for it!!!

After I paid my deposit for WIB  I actually tried to cancel. When I first received the WIB email I was just looking to improve my skills, when I realized it was a year long and 299.00 per month I panicked! Being broke and my ex owing me 180.000 in child support, I wanted my money back! Mazie calmed me and told me that it would be life changing, so I decided to take the leap. Now 5 months in I’m a completely different person. Elizabeth you are changing peoples lives everyday. I still have a lot to work on, but I’m looking forward to the task . Mazie, thank you for calming me and helping me ultimately change my life. I have so much gratitude for WIB + the team!”


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only$299 monthly for 12 months!

There are very limited spots so enroll now - WIB only opens up for enrollment a couple times a year! Don’t be kicking yourself when enrollment closes.

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if you could create the business of your dreams…

*working only with your dream clients

*working in your dream salon

*slaying with your dream team

*taking vacations

*a manageable work schedule

*time for your family, yoga, and wine with the girls!

Imagine endless abundance flowing towards you.

What if I told you learning how to market your talents & skills could give you exactly that?

The reason amazing education is important is because when you are incredible at your craft, you can focus on human connection and doing more of what you love.

Learning how to market, sell, and monetize that craft correctly is a magical combination. And that magic creates TRUE freedom.

Do you remember why you got into hair?

It was to be FREE to express your creativity and to create a life and schedule that fits your needs & desires.

And your life needs to include vacations, days off with your kiddos, and having fun- in case you forgot.

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Top Secret FB Group:

A group of your WIB class where you can bond, ask questions, share knowledge, and get uplifted.

What is a Live Webinar?

Monthly Live Webinars with Elizabeth Faye or Team Coach recapping the month & answering all questions. This is where we add any bonus tips + tricks, answer office hour questions, live questions and you can replay it later if you want to watch again or can’t tune in live!

What is Hot Seat Coaching?

One a month you can apply to get one on one coaching in a group setting. This is a major game changer. You evolve with the group so much. Hot Seats are one of the most effective parts of WIB!!

Office Hours:

Once a month you can apply your questions directly to Elizabeth Faye & she will respond in comments or on the Live Webinar. 

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when the doors close and have to wait to start getting those goals.


Do you know how much it would cost to take as many color workshops as we offer in this course individually?

Phone Icon-20.jpg

If you were to hire a personal business coach to assist you through everything our team and guest coaches do…


over a decade of personal experience and an entire team of educated leaders and coaches have poured countless hours into this program. and you can have it ALL right at your fingertips!

Listen, I know that signing up for this is a commitment. I am committing to your future and you are committing to me as your mentor.

We guarantee awesomeness.

If at any point you feel this program isn’t helping you and you are putting in the effort to watch tutorials, attend live webinars, hot seats and take all your downloadable worksheets, you can totally drop out of school. There will be no refund but you may stop enrollment and your subscription charges will be discontinued.


Don’t forget the adorable boxes that come to your door seasonally, packed with goodies geared towards your success. Happy Mail...hell yes!

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You can take this course from anywhere at anytime!

Although we strongly encourage you keeping up as much as possible, you can take this at your own pace.

Yoga pants, a latte, and a notebook...and you could change the world!  

For best results, You only need to dedicate an extra 3-5 hours a month to this program!

That includes watching live webinars, tutorials and doing your assignments. You’ll get what you put in!

Great change takes discipline. We are here to help and we know life happens...but there is never a time where there is time...You make time for your priorities.

Is your future a priority? Is freedom a priority?  


This is a program for professional hairstylists who are serious about wanting to work smarter, not harder. We’re here for those who want to own their craft and are tired of working “in” their business instead of “on it”. It’s time to take control.

This is for passionate, hardworking dreamers. Is that you? 


I am ready to be your coach.

only $299 monthly for 12 months!

The price of a full service ticket a month…could totally change your business.

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Here’s how to get started!

step 01.png

Click below that you are READY for MORE!

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Fill out your information so we can send you cute boxes and

start coaching you!

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Celebrate that you are enrolled! Then join the private group.

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Make new best friends + start your program April 29th!

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Your next enrollment charge is June 1st.

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Do a happy dance! Be awesome and have a blast living your best life and chasing your dreams!

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A lil FAQ:

How much does it cost?

It’s $299 every single month for a total of 12 months.

Can I share my membership with a hair friend?

No, sharing WIB content is strictly prohibited. You’re investing a lot of time and money and we are committing our coaching efforts to you. Distribution of this protected product without permission will be backed with legal action.

What happens when WIB is over?

You graduate and are listed as a certified hair boss stylist on our website where clients, brands and like-minded artists can find you! There will be an option to stay in the program that is structured differently and is built exclusively for graduates. This membership option will only be available for WIB graduates.

Can I watch and read the online content anywhere? What do I need to start?

Yes, you will need internet access and a Facebook account. Besides that, you will be given a private account to our education portal and private FB community group. But truly, you can learn in your yoga pants!

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Driven, hardworking, spunky and professional entrepreneur, mother, hairstylist and girl boss extraordinaire, Elizabeth Faye started her romance with the beauty industry at the ripe age of twelve.

Born and raised in downtown Las Vegas and quite the troubled teen, she decided to make statement by cutting and coloring her own hair. Disappointed, her parents and private school dean suspended her from school. This attempt landed her a lucky seat at a celebrity salon at the Mandalay Bay for the classic “color correction”. This experience lead her her first mentor and hairstylist, who helped the young girl out by doing her hair complimentary for years if she would only bring back her report card with better grades on it.

Slowly “C’s turned into “B’s” and “B’s” turned into “A’s”. She was mentored by this stylist and the entire Salon team in Las Vegas/Chicago. She swept floors, served guests, shampooed hair,  all which ultimately landed her a full-blown job position and the many amazing job opportunities that came after. From high school drop out to hair colorist star & entrepreneur she now believes and attributes her success to a lot of things but she speaks to the masses about how...

"One act of kindness behind the chair changed my life. We all have so much greatness within us, sometimes we just need someone to awaken it. I hope to help awaken greatness in others." -Elizabeth Faye

Elizabeth Faye has been a hairstylist since 2009  and has proven that hard work pays off and greatness is for those who choose it. She is now a salon owner of her namesake salon, a Redken Color Ambassador, coaches hairstylists and entrepreneurs, and is the founder of Hair Love Retreat & Events.

She created a large network of stylists who can be coached by Elizabeth and her entire team in her online program, Workshop In a Box. It is a twelve month program designed for colorists who want to change their game and grow their business. It includes so much more than color. It is paired with marketing, social media and business coaching galore. It's for stylists with big dreams who are ready to put in the work to be the best colorist and business owner they can be!

The Hair Love brand is a company by and for hairstylists that offers unique education, experiences and media geared for stylists.  Hair Love works with the brightest minds in beauty, business, and wellness and wants to help hairstylists live full lives. Hair Love hosts large retreats and events for stylists to learn in beautiful environments. Hair Love Radio is another branch of the Hair Love brand. It is a podcast inspiring hairstylists to spread their awesome!

As a leader Elizabeth Faye's mission is to instill in those around her a strong self-belief and knowledge of how truly powerful they are and to use that power to be a do-gooder and make a difference in their community and behind the chair.