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Hair painting like never before…

Do you love painting as much as we do?

It’s time to teach you all of our painting ways.

A big part of the magic of our systems is our patterns. Today we are offering up our most sought after techniques. Learn the Paint Brush Method we have taught to thousands…it will change your HAIR game. We will walk you through the diagrams and placement. Step by step tutorials and lots of juicy painting theory.

  • What is Hair Painting Theory Video

  • Natural Coloring Methods Theory Video

  • Terminology Video

  • Color Mapping Video

  • What is Smudge + Tone

  • SEQ School

  • The entire tutorial on this look and how we paint Smudge + Tone Video

  • The Final Look Video

  • The Road Map Pattern Virtual Video Experience

  • BONUS: Hair Painting Worksheets + NCM Worksheets + Color Levels

  • BONUS: Color Mapping Workbook + SEQ SHEETS + Diagrams

You have two payment options:

  1. Pay $499 in full for 20 weeks of access to all the amazing education


  2. Pay $125 monthly for 4 months for 20 weeks of access!

    For either plan you choose, you’ll go through the course at your own pace and will have 20 weeks of full access!