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Let’s get those feet wet…

it’s time to DIVE all in.

This Instagram course WAS MADE FOR YOU! Are you ready to know what other businesses and stylists are doing that works?

I have built multiple clienteles using Instagram and grown an entire salon team with this app!! It can be life changing. When I started using Instagram I was seeing a HUGE difference with a small following and I am going to show you how to make this work for you. The following is not what matters actually.

These are the systems our business uses and countless others finding success with social media. I am ready to teach you my ways!

  1. How Social Media can Change Your Life

  2. How to set up your Social for Major Success!

  3. Hashtags + Hashtag Marketing

  4. Tell a Story with your Stories!

  5. Intentional Engagement that Moves the Needle

  6. The Secret Power of your DM’s

  7. Strong Captioning

    BONUS: The Social Workbook

    BONUS: THE DM Sale Cycle Worksheet

You have two payment options:

  1. Pay $299 in full for 20 weeks of access to all the amazing education


  2. Pay $75 monthly for 4 months for 20 weeks of access!

    For either plan you choose, you’ll go through the course at your own pace and will have 20 weeks of full access!